BIONIC  Transforms Recovered Plastic

Into Durable Materials.

BIONIC® was created to address a gap in the market for high quality recycled textiles. Its founders sought to overcome the challenges of transforming recycled recovered plastics into high-performance textiles, while achieving new standards in aesthetics and functionality.


The company’s vision is to unite industry leading brands to substantially and measurably reduce ocean plastic pollution, and engage the public through a compelling narrative of diverse communities around the world working together to solve a common problem.

IONIC® is a material engineering company supplying the consumer and industrial markets​ with fully traceable, high-grade textiles and polymers, made with coastal and marine plastic.


This is one of the beautiful gowns made from BIONIC® for this year’s Conscious Exclusive collection, a contemporary collection made from conscious materials to be worn at special events as well as for everyday dress up.​



Turning things we discard into raw materials we can be proud to use in our everyday lives.


We make high-performance yarns, fabrics, and more for all walks of life.

e believe all of the resources we consume on Earth should have a positive impact on society and our natural environment.​



To make the world a better place with a better product.