BIONIC® materials are versatile in their applied usage. Our materials find their use from boat covers and window treatments to sportswear as well as in furnishings such as chairs and desks.


BIONIC® materials are at home in automobile interiors just as they are on the top fashion brands in the world.

From the Roof lining, to the seat covering, to the contrast stitching for an added level of detail, BIONIC materials can complete a vehicle's interior, while weaving a story into the ride.

BIONIC® materials can be used in marine applications. 

BIONIC® materials can be used in plastic composite building materials for a variety of industries.

BIONIC® materials have been used in a wide range of fashion applications – from Moncler® and Chanel®, to The Gap ® and H&M®. Our materials are uncompromising in their utility, and in their philosophy.

BIONIC® materials are suited for use in footwear applications.

BIONIC® materials can bring new life to your living space, communal outdoor space or workspace. 

BIONIC® materials can serve as an excellent travel companion on your soft shell bags and luggage.








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