The Right to Collective Bargaining and Freedom to Associate​

Due Compensation

The Absence of Abuse​

Reasonable Working Hours​

Traditional Employment​

A Safe Workplace​

Environmental Impact​

Voluntary Employment

Bionic contractors are expressly forbidden from partaking in any illicit labor activities, including, but not limited to, child, prison, indentured, bonded or other forms of forced labor. Contractors are held liable for fees related to recruitment or eligibility of foreign workers.​

Legal Working Age​

All contract workers will meet a minimum age requirement of 16 or have completely the requisite education needed to operate in factory conditions. Only workers above the age of 18 are permitted to work in the presence of hazardous conditions or materials.​


Bionic has a zero tolerance for discriminatory practices. All workers will receive equal and fair compensation regardless of gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, political opinion, trade union affiliation, social or ethnic origin or any other relevant status protected by local law enforcement.​

The Right to Collective Bargaining and Freedom to Associate​​

By country law and local regulation, contractors must respect the employee’s right to affiliate with both trade unions and other worker associations of their choosing devoid of harassment or retaliation. Further, the contract must recognize an employee's right to collective bargaining in regards to compensation.​

Due Compensation​

Contractors are required to compensate workers at least the legally mandated minimum wage and expected benefits promptly. Benefits include, but are not limited to, paid leave, benefits, and statutory severance if applicable.  Disciplinary deductions from pay are not tolerated.​

The Absence of Abuse​​

Abuse and harassment are not tolerated. Employees shall never be subject to abuse or harassment of any form, be it verbal, physical, sexual, psychological, or any other form.​

Reasonable Working Hours​​

Concerning local and country laws, workers must receive both compensation and overtime for hours beyond a certain point as clarified by local authorities. Workers will not work an excess of sixty hours a week and will be given at least a twenty-four hour period of rest once every seven days. Overtime wage will be granted at a premium rate and is consensual.​

Traditional Employment​​

All BIONIC products will be produced under regular working conditions by recognized employees as dictated by country laws. Contractors are forbidden to use any form of offsite working arrangement for the production of BIONIC goods.​

A Safe Workplace​​

To maintain a clean and risk-free work environment, contractors will do their due diligence to adopt reasonable measures to avoid workplace hazards and disasters. All contractors will keep facilities under these standards to protect the safety interests of employees.​

Environmental Impact​​

Observing the BIONIC mission statement, contracted factories will be expected to go above and beyond the minimum regulatory guidelines as stated by country law. To respect local communities, employee health, and minimize our ecological footprint, BIONIC factories will establish unprecedented restrictions to ensure the least possible amount of emissions, hazardous waste, and water discharge. In turn, contractors are expected to continually work to improve on these guidelines, aiming for the least possible amount of environmental impact.​

Adherence to The Code​

Pre-requisite to working alongside BIONIC is the adherence and respect to these guidelines and any additional stipulations which they may incur. Further, all contractors will be subject to monitoring and verification of the code as established in the aforementioned principles. The code shall be made available in all workplaces in the local language of all employees, with the information easily available and aware to all for whom it affects.​