BIONIC® Transforms fibers made from

Recovered plastic into durable materials.

Stronger Thread is a global movement and operation founded by Bionic.

Committed to protecting our natural habitats from the bane of plastic waste, 

we are committed to empowering communities at risk worldwide.

We welcome partners who share our vision to help advance our mission.

Cradle to Cradle

Bionic® materials are Cradle to Cradle Certified to the standards of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and assessed by an independent third-party. This certification is a commitment to continually improve chemical use, material reutilization, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness in the design and production of existing and new Bionic® products. Clients can integrate Bionic® materials such that the final product is Cradle to Cradle certified as well.

True to its mission of restoring balance to our planet's ecosystem, Bionic® offers a wide variety of globally certified

recycled textiles and employs advanced fabrication techniques.


Bionic® materials are certified under the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS), allowing a piece of plastic collected from a shoreline or coastal community to be tracked through the supply chain up to its delivery to a client.

Intimately blended recycled plastic with synthetic or natural fibers to form a yarn with a soft and refined texture.

Delivers high durability and refined quality using recycled plastic. Fibers for the Helix and Core of the yarn are selected to precisely match functional and aesthetic requirements.

FLX is made completely of recycled plastic. Heating and spinning together dozens of RPET strands, then drawing and twisting the final filament to align the molecular chains creates a stronger yarn with high stretch and semi-dull properties. 




Bionic products are used in lifestyle, performance, and industrial applications.

We believe all of the resources we consume on Earth should have a positive impact on society and our natural environment.


Turning things we discard into raw materials we can be proud to use in our everyday lives.


We make high performance yarns, fabrics, and more for all walks of life.

Our Mission

To make the world a better place with a better product.


To achieve sustainability without sacrificing quality.


That's the vision that spawned the brand we call BIONIC®.


But the thread we spin is more than our yarn.

Much more.


It's a commitment to our planet and our future that ties us all together.


That's what we work for. That's what we stand for.